Life Purpose Focus: The Healer

abstract white caduceus signYour fingerprints form 5 months before your birth, permanently imprinting your soul’s desired pathway to happiness. If your high ranking fingerprint is located on your left little finger, your Life Purpose is the Healer.

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Life Purpose Focus: Live Your Passions

Peacock FingerprintYour fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose, forming five months before you are born. If your highest ranking fingerprint is located on your left index finger, this Purpose is known as the Master of Personal Power, or “Live Your Passions.”

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Finding Soul Balance

Soul BalanceDear Beings of Infinite Light, thank you for allowing us to share with you some important information regarding your overall well-being. The soul longs to come back into harmony when it has been out of balance with its Purpose. The personality may go through the process of free will that will bring the soul closer to or farther from harmony.

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Life Purpose Focus: The Artist

ArtistThe Artist/Individualist Life Purpose is all about creativity. These people must be free to express themselves and their uniqueness in order to be happy. This does not mean that they must draw or play music, although these activities are appropriate for an Artist.

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Life Purpose Focus: Master of Success / The Doer

Peacock FingerprintYour fingerprints provide a map to your Life Purpose. I decode this map for you in order to assist you in living a more meaningful life. I thought it would be interesting to focus on one possible Purpose: the Master of Success, also known as the Doer.Continue reading