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Palm reading/hand analysis is a wonderfully complex and rich study. Here is some free palm reading information taken from my own published deck of Palmistry Inspiration Cards and Extended Guidebook. The full deck has 54 cards with a different area of the hand featured on each card. Have a question about your hands? If you would like to learn more, get a reading with me or training, you’ll be glad you did!

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Affection LinesTraditionally called the “marriage lines”, these minor lines are located under the little finger and run horizontally from the percussion of the hand toward the Mercury mount. Most people have one to three of these lines. Lines closest to the finger represent new relationships while lower lines represent older or completed relationships. A dropping line shows a detachment while a curving upward line shows a communication termination. These relationships do not necessarily correspond to a marriage.

Fate LineThe Fate line generally runs from somewhere near the wrist and ends under the Saturn (middle) finger, although not always directly under the finger. It varies tremendously from person to person, sometimes starting in Luna (near the wrist under the little finger) and sometimes connecting with the Life line. It is often broken and doubled.

Positive Aspects relating to the Fate line: goals, responsibility, steady progress, in control, direction, destiny

Negative Aspects relating to the Fate line: no direction, just hanging out, missteps, interruptions, frustration, dissatisfaction

Heart LineThe Heart line is a major line and  represents your emotional flow, both how much you feel and how easily you express yourself. It is located in the upper portion of the palm and runs mainly horizontally from the percussion side of the hand toward the thumb side. Long and curved Heart lines feel and express a lot, short and straight Heart lines feel and express little. This line has a myriad of variations. You can also learn about compatibilities through this line.

ThumbMany people think that there is a single “money line” in your hands that will tell you how much you are destined to make. The truth is there are many indicators that tell us about success and manifestation and the first place to look is the thumb. The thumb represents your willpower. The more “thumb” you have, the stronger your willpower will be. It is your area of planning and completion, as well as your ability to see multiple solutions or just one.

Positive traits: ability to start and complete tasks

Negative traits: Pushover, over planning, incompletion, stubborn, too many directions