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A Message from Cynthia Clark

I know that you have options in who you take advice from, including yourself. I have worked with over 6,000 people, offering expert advice through my extensive knowledge of hands and intuitive life coaching. Many of you may be struggling in specific areas of your life. I would like to pose some questions for you to ponder:

  1. Do you put up with the status quo everyday because you think it’s your only option?

  2. Do you wish for a better tomorrow?

  3. Are you ready to step into your right life today?

If you said YES to all of these questions, then I have an invitation for you…

divider background image downExciting and transformative coaching videos available online for you whenever you need them

Video Topics Include:

Healthy Relationships

  • Learn how to prepare yourself subconsciously for a healthy relationship
  • Empowerment exercises to open your ability to receive
  • Identify the 4 most common blockages to attracting or keeping a healthy relationship
  • Release your blockages
  • Discover who you are most compatible with and how to identify them
  • Practice your attraction abilities
  • Become compatible vibrationally to your ideal partner

Being Healthy

  • Learn about the different levels of health
  • Empowerment questions to open your health
  • Improve your health physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
  • Meditations to transform your health and release blockages
  • Identify your primary and secondary elements
  • Learn your conscious and subconscious attitudes and growth potential

Accessing Your Positivity

  • Learn how to identify your sadness indicators
  • Choose to be positive, learn how
  • Learn about the 6 ways to eliminate sadness from your space
  • How to attract positive feelings
  • Positivity Exercises
  • Open your heart and lung meridians to increase joy


  • What are the 12 components to prosperity
  • Learn the biggest obstacles to prosperity
  • Identify your money-making abilities
  • Identify the most common money theme challenges
  • Release fear and judgments that block your prosperity
  • Change your habits to attraction
  • Release limiting/false beliefs
  • Create new prosperity habits
  • Integrate prosperity affirmations into your subconscious

 DNA Activation

  • What are the 5 things imbued in our DNA
  • What are the 12 Layers of DNA
  • Identify layer one in your hands
  • What are the Life Lessons?
  • Open to your mastery
  • Identify and connect to your higher self
  • Connect to the Master Akashic Record
  • Connect to the Healing Layer
  • Connect to the Wise Divine Feminine
  • Learn how divinity is in you
  • Activate your merkaba

Overcome Stress & Anxiety

  •  Learn what causes stress
  • Identify the 8 different types of stress
  • Learn how to overcome stress easily
  • Identify your own stress levels and compare it with others
  • Program your subconscious with positive stress-relief


  • Identify your manifestation indicators
  • Learn your manifestation preferences
  • Identify your blockages to manifesting
  • Program your subconscious to a manifestation mindset
  • Learn how to create a manifestation space
  • Learn about manifestation crystals
  • Determine your highest values
  • Mediation to manifest your desires

Become a Better Communicator

  • Identify true communications
  • Identify your communication preferences
  • Identify your throat chakra quality
  • Learn how to open your throat chakra
  • Identify shyness
  • Learn how to listen effectively
  • Use body language effectively
  • Learn how to integrate better communication beliefs
  • Empowerment exercises to communicate better

Emotional Harmony

  • Harmonize your emotions
  • Reprogram your subconscious with happy emotion affirmations
  • Learn about your emotional river
  • Identify your buried emotions
  • Purify your emotional and organ energy
  • Release and transform trapped emotions
  • Identify flower essences and crystals to balance emotions

Develop Your Intuition

  • Identify your intuition indicators
  • Learn about the 6 psychic senses
  • Determine your primary intuition abilities
  • Learn how to develop your primary intuition ability
  • Learn what blocks intuition
  • Open your third eye chakra
  • Perform a psychometry exercise
  • Use crystals to open intuition
  • Learn how to read oracle cards

Letting Go of Limitations

  • Learn about your true nature
  • What is ascension?
  • Learn who are the ascended masters
  • Learn about the Rays of Light
  • Learn about the pathways to ascension
  • Connect with 15 Archangels and learn their specialties
  • Perform an ascension meditation


  • Learn about the science of numerology and its origins
  • Learn about the meanings of the numbers
  • Identify the master numbers
  • Learn the numerical values of the letters of the alphabet
  • Calculate your birth name
  • Identify your birth path, destiny and attainment numbers
  • Calculate universal numbers for the year, month and day
  • Learn how knowing your numbers can help you make better decision

And so much more!

Here’s what one member is saying:

Thank you creating the Authentic Destiny membership!  I look forward to the program every month.  It gives me a  source of soul improvement & empowerment right in my inbox!  There is nothing else out there that is so helpful and convenient.

Membership will also provide you with:

Holographic energy balancing, become a witness and experience your multidimensionality

New insights into yourself so you can live with more joy and fulfillment

New ways of thinking and being that support your goals

Transformational tools to assist you in unlocking your infinite potential

Benefits of Membership & What’s Included:

  • Access to 23 coaching videos to assist you in transforming your life
  • Access to mp3 healing audio affirmations to get you into a more positive daily mindset
  • Access to guided meditations
  • Monthly holographic healing sessions, performed on the last Thursday of every month, Cynthia will include all members automatically and simultaneously
  • Private Group Facebook page — interact with other members, ask questions, Cynthia will check in and respond periodically
  • One random member chosen per month for a 20 minute coaching session/reading with Cynthia to be done over the phone or Skype

I am so passionate about helping others that I want to offer this program so ANYONE can afford it. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can discontinue your membership at any time and I offer a complete satisfaction guarantee when you join.

Total Value of this Membership is $1295, yours for only $125 per year!

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