Coaching Packages

If you are looking for deeper healing and consulting, signing up for in-depth coaching is a great way to go. Cynthia is an expert at identifying your core opportunities and assisting you in reaching your goals. Sessions may be completed in person or over the phone or Skype.


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12 Sessions: $1297 or 3 monthly payments of $497

6 Sessions: $749 or 2 payments of $379

Single Payment (Most Economical Option)

Choose Length & Option

12 Sessions in 3 Monthly Payments

6 Sessions in 2 Payments

This personal comprehensive coaching will address your goals and personal needs. Cynthia will work with you multi-dimensionally.

Physically — Learn powerful Qigong techniques to clear your meridians and obtain optimal health

Mentally — Blast through limiting beliefs and subconscious sabotaging

Emotionally — Clear trapped emotions in your body so you can invite more joy and peace into your life

Spiritually — Connect with the Archangels, your spiritual team, past life influences and your Akashic Archives to evolve to the next level of spiritual growth

Cosmically — Connect to the greater universe and the axiatonal grid system that surrounds the planet. Connect to your birth star to build a stronger grounding in your body.

If you are REALLY looking to change your life and live your authentic destiny, then personal coaching with Cynthia is for you! The small investment will be worth a lifetime of transformation. You deserve and you owe it to yourself to commit to being the best you possible!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you have any questions about how personal coaching will work for you, please call Cynthia at 877-327-6095. She will be happy to answer any questions you might have.