Custom Love & Activation Report


Ready to learn more about your love indicators?

Ready to activate your best relationship yet?

Your hands also tell you:

  • More compatibility indicators
  • Your archetypes
  • How you might be blocking a relationship
  • Your non-negotiable needs
  • Your ability to give and receive love
  • How much sex do you want
  • Your intellectual compatibilities
  • How much you trust others
  • How straight forward your communication is
  • Your partner preferences
  • How sensitive you are
  • If you’re still holding on to old relationships

In addition to all this, Cynthia will teach you about actually activating love energy through your hands. The lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways of your brain. Manipulate the lines and you can manipulate your mind to be in alignment with your goals.

She will also include many other tools for you to use right away so you can turn your energy around. Everyone deserves to be in an intimate, fulfilling relationship. Now it’s your turn!

For this CUSTOM report, just sign up below and Cynthia will e-mail you with instructions on submitting photos of your hands to her. Once she receives them, she will e-mail you your report. It’s that simple!