Love Report


Are You Ready For Love?

Do you long for a meaningful relationship? Do you want passion in your daily life again? Are you ready to take a risk with someone significant?

Love is one of those things that when it happens, it feels out of control. Many of us fear love, but we also fear being alone. It’s true that there is risk in being vulnerable. You could get hurt, you could get rejected. But you could also feel more alive and exuberant, you could feel joy and excitement. The kind of joy that only being in love can bring, where everything seems brighter, scents are magnified, colors more vibrant, more energy pulsing through your body. The kind of joy that brings excitement in just being alive again. This is the kind of love that we seek.

But are you really ready for love? Your hands are the extension of your brain and they tell you all about yourself, including if you’re actually ready for a relationship.

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