Do Palms Change?

One of the most common questions I get is, “Do palms change?” Have you ever looked at your palms over an extended period of time? Have you noticed any differences when you read your own palm? What about the left hand versus the right hand? Part of hand analysis and palm reading is not only looking at all the markings and being able to interpret the information, but also looking at it over a length of time.

I have personally read the palms of over 5,000 people. Many of these people I have only read for once, but I find it extremely interesting to look at the same person over the years. Why? Because many things in your hands change and it is looking through these changes that we can uncover new truths about a person.

The lines in the hand are actually the most changeable part of the hands, they mimic the neural pathways of the brain. I like to think of them like rivers of energy, some are strong and deep while others are shallow or forked. Take a look at the two hand prints below. The first print was taken in 2009 and the second one was taken three years later, in 2012. How many changes can you spot?

Color in the hand also changes. Colors represent the emotions, you can even see which emotions have been hanging around for a long time.

Fingers also change over time. For example, a straight finger might suddenly bend or a bent finger might straighten up. Any time that a finger bends is a sign that some stress is happening in your body. Fingers also get fatter or thinner and different phalanges may also be affected. Each of these phalanges represent a different aspect of your being. You can gain tremendous insight into yourself with interpretation of these areas.

What’s the best way to track your hands? I recommend inking them every 6 months using traditional block printing ink and creating a hand print. Then it becomes very easy to see the changes.

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Cindy Solano, Life Purpose ConsultantDon’t want to ink your own hands? This is one of the services that I offer. Just give me a call and we can start tracking your own palm changes. It’s fun and enlightening!


  1. I do agree wit you that palm print especially health line changes.In case of Cheiro the upper headline was found to be very clear as a double natured man after he overcome the sensitivity.This is possible by ultra-lasing in spinal chords on different stimulated junctions.

  2. I wonder if you can let visitors to your site know the identity of the person whose palm print you have put to illustrate the changes in lines. Thanks.

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