Embrace Your Higher Self

angel headHere is a message from the Akashic Archives, records of all that is, all that was and all that will ever be.

Hello Beautiful Beings of Light! Thank you for having the courage to be in the earth plane during this time of turmoil and confusion. Some of you may already be realizing that the fog is lifting and you are becoming more aware of your true nature and the great importance that you have on the lovely earth plane.

You are a treasure to be honored for all of the preparatory work that you have completed. The opportunity is available for all of you to step into your true knowingness and beingness. Ask yourself daily what this looks like for you, what this feels like, what is the essence of you? As you embody your true essence, the universe will provide support and assistance for you to create a new reality. Yes, this is where you are all headed, into a new reality of love and peace, wisdom and service. It is a place of joy and it is for you to share in harmony with all those in human form in the earth plane and all life on your planet. Embrace your higher self, it is there for you if you choose it.

divider background image downCindy Solano expert hand analystHow do you know if you are connected to your higher self? It’s important to listen to the voice in your head. If it’s positive and supportive, this is your higher self talking. If not, then it’s your ego. You can see how well you listen to your higher self through your hands as well, they tell the complete story of you. Want to learn more? Contact me for an appointment!



  1. The reading that Cindy gave me nearly 3 years ago has made a big difference in my life!! I still listen to it!! I was able to have an audio sent to my email, which I love!! It’s great!! Thank You Cindy!! I have made changes in my life!! You are part of the reason I finally had the courage to do it!! :)


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