How Organized Are You?

Back of HandThere are a couple of indicators in your hands that will let you know how organized you are. The first is the knuckles. Are your knuckles smooth or knotted? Knots are identified by their bulge, and they resemble tree knots. The more knotted they are, the more you like order around you.

If the upper phalanges are also knotted (the segments closest to the fingernails), this indicates that you are drawn to philosophize and analyze. Also check the middle phalange of your middle finger. Your middle finger isĀ  called your Saturn finger, and it represents your attitude towards work, rules and responsibilities. If the middle phalange is long and thick, it shows that you like things to be organized. If the section is small, then you would have more trouble keeping things organized and I would recommend getting help from someone else.

divider background image downCindy Solano expert hand analystHands are a reflection of all aspects of yourself including personality traits and talents. Contact me for a reading to learn more!

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