Finding Soul Balance

Soul BalanceDear Beings of Infinite Light, thank you for allowing us to share with you some important information regarding your overall well-being. The soul longs to come back into harmony when it has been out of balance with its Purpose. The personality may go through the process of free will that will bring the soul closer to or farther from harmony.

When disharmony arises, it will be evident in many ways including physical dis-ease, emotional stress, mental tension or spiritual unrest. Or there may be combinations of any of these as well. If you can recognize this imbalance, then you know that the soul is pushing you back toward a realignment.

In order to make better choices in your life, it is important to examine all of these areas of your being and bring in greater awareness of imbalance before they become too extreme. Ask yourself, “what is my soul longing for me to know right now so that I can be in greater harmony with my Purpose?” The answer is always readily available if you ask this question in quiet contemplation. Try this the next time you feel out of balance or need clarity in your soul’s direction.


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