How to Get Into Greater Balance

In the busy hustle and bustle of daily life, getting into balance seems not only like a daunting task, but sometimes it seems impossible. But I would like to offer the perspective that if you don’t get into balance, then you are really just doing yourself a disservice and won’t be able to reach your highest potential either.

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First of all, what is balance? It ties in with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. When you are out of balance physically, you may be tired or overweight, or maybe you don’t get enough sleep. Emotional imbalance can include lethargy, sadness, anger, frustration or despair. Mental imbalance can result in memory loss or ADD tendencies. Spiritual imbalance can result in feeling disconnected from your higher self or the bigger universe. When these things extend over time, you might feel like that’s just the way it is. But there are things you can do, even if they’re small things and yes, you can identify imbalances through the hands and hand analysis. Here are five tips for identifying and getting back into balance.

  1. Fatigue — Squishy thumb ball — If the flesh of thumb ball collapses when you squeeze it, this is a sign of fatigue. Tip for improving: This is located in the Earth Quadrant of your hand. Getting outside into nature can help strengthen this area.
  2. Spiritual Disconnect — Horizontal lines in the upper phalange of the index finger — Your index finger represents your power and how you look at yourself. The upper phalange (the portion of finger where your fingernail is located) has to do with spirit and I call it the Zone of Ideals. You can tell when this section is stressed when horizontal lines are present. Tip for improving: Meditate for five minutes, asking your angels to assist you in feeling more connected. Envision light from the universe pouring into the top of your head.
  3. Worry — Islands in the Head line — the Head line is the horizontal line running across the middle part of your palm. When this line has what appear to be bubbles or chains in the line, these are called islands and they represent worry. Tip for improving: Become a detective in the way you think and notice what repetitive negative thoughts you have. When you notice it, write down its opposite. Affirm the opposite for thirty days, especially in the morning and before going to bed. It takes time to change a habit.
  4. Emotional Stress — Droopiness in the Luna mount — Your Luna mount is located opposite your thumb ball at the base of your palm. Sometimes this section of your hand appears to be pulling toward the wrist or may also appear red in color. Either of these indications represents emotional stress. This is the Water Quadrant of the hand. Tip for improving: Practice receiving. Do you accept compliments or do you brush them off? Do you let other people open the door for you in public? These are easy ways to tell if you can receive or not. If you do not allow yourself to receive, your emotional energy becomes stressed and can also block your creativity. Learn to let others help you and say thank you.
  5. Money Stress — Bent middle finger, bending toward the ring finger — The middle finger, also known as Saturn, relates to duties and responsibilities, especially relating to work and money. When this finger bends, or any finger for that matter, it is showing a stress in whatever that finger represents. Tip for improving: Change your attitude about money. If you have an attitude of lack or that there’s never enough, this becomes affirmed in your reality. Only when you come from a place of love and knowing that more is coming your way can things start to shift.

These are just a few tips, there are many more ways to identify balance through the hands. You can also tell through your personality archetypes. Learn more from my new book, Stories in Your Hands, and live an authentic and balanced life.

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Cynthia Clark is an Intuitive Life Coach and Hand Analyst Expert. She has assisted thousands of people worldwide to find and live their authentic self. Go to for more information.

Cynthia Clark, Hand Analyst Expert

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