How to Get Into Greater Balance

In the busy hustle and bustle of daily life, getting into balance seems not only like a daunting task, but sometimes it seems impossible. But I would like to offer the perspective that if you don’t get into balance, then you are really just doing yourself a disservice and won’t be able to reach your highest potential either.Continue reading

Do Palms Change?

One of the most common questions I get is, “Do palms change?” Have you ever looked at your palms over an extended period of time? Have you noticed any differences when you read your own palm? What about the left hand versus the right hand? Part of hand analysis and palm reading is not only looking at all the markings and being able to interpret the information, but also looking at it over a length of time.

I have personally read the palms of over 5,000 people. Many of these people I have only read for once, but I find it extremely interesting to look at the same person over the years. Why? Because many things in your hands change and it is looking through these changes that we can uncover new truths about a person.

The lines in the hand are actually the most changeable part of the hands, they mimic the neural pathways of the brain. I like to think of them like rivers of energy, some are strong and deep while others are shallow or forked. Take a look at the two hand prints below. The first print was taken in 2009 and the second one was taken three years later, in 2012. How many changes can you spot?Continue reading

Palmistry Questions, Top 5 Things You Should Know

hand prints colors smallLots of people have palmistry questions. I thought it would be fun to go through five things that I get asked on a regular basis.

Question #1: Which hand do you read?

Short Answer: Both

Long Answer: Both hands reveal different aspects to yourself. Your active hand tells you about your outer self, your public self and what’s developing. Your passive hand tells you about your inner self, private self and your potentials. For most people, the active hand is the hand you write with.

Question #2: Do your hands change?

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: Both hands can change over time, but not everything changes. Lines and fingers are the most changeable, as well as color and stiffness. Hand shape is pretty much set by the time you are about four or five years old and the fingerprints and palmar prints never change.

Question #3: Do your hands tell you your future?

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: It’s complicated. Past, present and future is on both hands all the time. You have both a destiny and free will. Your fingerprints represent your destiny including your Life Purpose. Your free will is represented in the lines. Since your hands change, your future is not set. Plus, everything in your hands is reflecting how you look at yourself and the world.

Question #4: Why would I want my hands analyzed?

Short Answer: Guidance and direction

Long Answer: Would you take a trip without knowing where you’re going or how to get there? Your hands are your personal road map. They can guide you in making better decisions, they can guide you in understanding yourself better and they can guide you in your growth potentials. In other words, knowing what your hands have to say about you can save you a lot of pain and agony from wandering around in the dark.

Question #5: Why would I want a professional to read my hands?

Short Answer: To get accurate information

Long Answer: There are many books and free trainings on how to read hands. These may or may not be accurate. Learning to read hands well takes a lot of knowledge and experience. Would you do surgery on yourself if you read about how to do it in a book? No, that would be ridiculous. The same concept applies here. A true and caring professional provides insights that aren’t in any books, plus they bring all their experience to help you in ways you otherwise might not have considered.

divider background image downCindy Solano expert hand analystI am passionate about hands and helping you uncover all the truth that is hidden in yours! Please contact me for an appointment.


How Organized Are You?

Back of HandThere are a couple of indicators in your hands that will let you know how organized you are. The first is the knuckles. Are your knuckles smooth or knotted? Knots are identified by their bulge, and they resemble tree knots. The more knotted they are, the more you like order around you.

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Are You a Black Sheep?

black sheepIf you feel like you just don’t quite fit in with the crowd, more than likely your ring finger, also known as Apollo, will have a special indicator to confirm this.

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How to Take Hand Photos

Hand PhotoMany of you may be wondering how I read your hands from a distance. There are actually two ways that I do this and both are quite easy.

The first and simplest way is to take a digital photo of your hand. Most people have very high-tech cameras and even your phone is capable of taking a great shot of your hand.

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Are You Good at Manifestation?

Let’s take a moment to read your palm. There is an easy way to check your manifestation energy, just take a quick look at your thumb, specifically the upper phalange (where the fingernail is located). This is called your zone of manifestation and represents your fire power.

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Hand Analysis Tip: Crooked Fingers

Hand Analysis Tip: What do crooked fingers mean?Let’s explore a hand analysis tip today. Did you know that most people do not have straight fingers? When a finger bends, this is always an indication of something going on psychologically.

To understand this better, it is important to understand what each finger represents and which way the finger is bending. Continue reading