Are You a Black Sheep?

black sheepIf you feel like you just don’t quite fit in with the crowd, more than likely your ring finger, also known as Apollo, will have a special indicator to confirm this.

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Finding Soul Balance

Soul BalanceDear Beings of Infinite Light, thank you for allowing us to share with you some important information regarding your overall well-being. The soul longs to come back into harmony when it has been out of balance with its Purpose. The personality may go through the process of free will that will bring the soul closer to or farther from harmony.

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How to Take Hand Photos

Hand PhotoMany of you may be wondering how I read your hands from a distance. There are actually two ways that I do this and both are quite easy.

The first and simplest way is to take a digital photo of your hand. Most people have very high-tech cameras and even your phone is capable of taking a great shot of your hand.

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Life Purpose Focus: The Artist

ArtistThe Artist/Individualist Life Purpose is all about creativity. These people must be free to express themselves and their uniqueness in order to be happy. This does not mean that they must draw or play music, although these activities are appropriate for an Artist.

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Are You Good at Manifestation?

Let’s take a moment to read your palm. There is an easy way to check your manifestation energy, just take a quick look at your thumb, specifically the upper phalange (where the fingernail is located). This is called your zone of manifestation and represents your fire power.

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Get in Touch with Your Light Body

Golden CorridorThe Golden Corridor is the access corridor to the Akashic Archives. These archives are a storage center for all human experiences throughout time and are stored in the spiritual realm.

When we die, many people have reported a “Life Review” of all experiences they had in the previous lifetime. This is possible because of the Akashic Archives. Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means “sky”, “space”, or “ether”, imprinted ethereally as a file that can be accessed and opened, like one can open an e-file that’s never been written down. Imagine all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. The following is a spiritual message from this divine realm.

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John F. Kennedy’s Palmistry Reading

JFK Palmistry ReadingThe following analysis is from Richard Unger, founder and director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and is used by permission.


Whorl, Loop, Loop, Whorl, Whorl

Composite, Loop, Loop, Whorl, Whorl

Life Purpose:

Master of Inspirational Service

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Albert Einstein’s Palmistry Reading

The following palmistry reading of Albert Einstein is from Richard Unger, founder and director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and is used by permission.

Fingerprints:Albert Einstein

Whorl, Whorl, Loop, Whorl, Loop

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Michael Jackson’s Palm Reading

Michael Jackson

I thought you all might find a look at Michael Jackson from a hand analysis perspective to be an interesting study, so here is what I found:

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Hand Analysis Tip: Crooked Fingers

Hand Analysis Tip: What do crooked fingers mean?Let’s explore a hand analysis tip today. Did you know that most people do not have straight fingers? When a finger bends, this is always an indication of something going on psychologically.

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